These shorts are perfect for women who have a little extra weight around their midsection. They're comfortable and flattering too!

ÂI'm so fat I need these shorts!â That was how my friend described her new pair of shorts. She had just bought them at the mall and she couldn't wait to wear them. But when she tried on the shorts, she realized that they were way too tight in the waist. The material was also very thin and didn't offer much support. So she decided to take them back to the store where she purchased them.

The Skinny Jeans Short

If you're looking for a quick fix to help slim down your thighs, try skinny jeans. This style of pants has become popular among women because they make your legs appear slimmer than they actually are. You'll find that wearing skinny jeans will give you an instant boost in confidence.

The High Waisted Brief

A high waist brief is a classic choice for women with larger . It's also known as a "bustier" or "padded brief." The padded part helps smooth out any bulges in your tummy area.

When she returned the shorts, the sales associate told her that the fabric was meant to be worn under pants. He suggested that she try wearing the shorts under a skirt instead. My friend thought he was joking, but he wasn't. She tried it and found that the shorts worked perfectly under a skirt. She loved the fit and style of the shorts and decided to buy two pairs.

The Mid Rise Brief

This style has become increasingly popular among women because it flatters the body while still being modest. You'll find them at department stores, specialty boutiques, and online retailers.

The Low Rise Brief

A low rise brief is a type of underwear designed to fit snugly under clothing. It's made with a high waistband and a low back panel.

After trying on several pairs of shorts, she finally found one that fit well. The problem was that it was too expensive. So she went online and searched for other options. She came across a website called “The Low Rise Brief”. On the site, there were many different styles of low rise briefs available. Some were designed for men while others were for women. She chose a pair of low rise briefs for women because they offered better support than the ones she had tried before. She liked the fact that the brief was made from cotton and nylon. Also, the price was reasonable.

The Thigh High Brief

If you're looking for something more fitted, try a thigh high brief. This style has a higher cut leg opening than a regular brief.

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