Are you wondering why your SEO efforts aren’t bearing fruit?  The goal of SEO is to rank higher and increase traffic.  If you aren’t seeing the results you want, consider looking into some of these common SEO errors.

SEO is constantly evolving and getting more complex.  You might think you have figured it out, and then all of a sudden your traffic collapses and you lose ranking in search engine results.  To really stay on top of the constantly shifting sands of SEO you should consider using an SEO agency like King Kong, to stay abreast of things.

Keyword Competition

Check on your keyword volume.  This is how many times the word or phrase is searched per month.  Keyword competition can vary.  Depending on the keyword you may see volume and competition fluctuate according to seasonal, cultural, and other trends. 

Once desirable keywords may fall out of favour.  Some keywords get harder to rank for over time and others get easier.

If competition for your keyword choice has gone up, make sure your content is current and in line with what other sites are showing.  Use updated links to your page.

High-volume keywords can attract more competition making it harder to maintain your ranking.  Use a mix of high-volume and lower-volume keywords.  Lower competition keywords can increase your engagement which sends positive signals to Google and increases your SEO score.

Algorithm Updates

Stay on top of algorithm updates.  Google is constantly changing its algorithm.  Small maintenance changes don’t matter, but changes to the core algorithm can adversely affect traffic.

Some algorithm changes will make your content lose its value completely.  If that’s the case, look at any pages that dropped in traffic and see if there are updates you can make.

You can minimize the effects of algorithm changes if you adhere to Google’s core content philosophy of Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trust.

Page Speed

Google does not like pages that load slowly.  Google has always prioritised page speed but it became even more important in 2021.   Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool can help you identify reasons your page might be loading slowly.

Make sure any images you use are compressed to the smallest size without sacrificing quality.   Be careful with videos and GIFs as they can take up lots of space.

SEO requires constant maintenance and tweaking.  It can be time-consuming up front but should get easier over time.  Once you start seeing results you will begin to understand why it is so important.

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