Typically, a bank statement is a financial document featuring the account holder's name, residential address, registered mobile number, and key account details such as total balance and transactional history. On the other hand, a mini statement is a type of bank statement. While both Bank of Maharashtra mini statement and bank statement serve as a financial record, they have a few differences.

Read along to find the key differences between the Bank of Maharashtra mini statement and the bank statement, their uses, and the means to access them.

Key differences between a mini statement and a bank statement

A bank statement offers a list of every transaction made from a customer's bank account over a given period, like a month, quarter, or year. Alternatively, a mini statement is a shorter version of a bank statement that lists down only a few recent transactions carried out by the customer from an account. In case of a bank statement, customers can choose to view all the transactions they have made over a specific period. However, the same option is not available for a mini statement. In other words, customers can decide their bank account statement period, but the same is predetermined for Bank of Maharashtra mini statements.

Bank statements which are collected from a bank in person are generally chargeable. However, the ones availed through mobile or internet banking are free of cost. In case of the mini statement, customers need not pay any charge to get it, regardless of how they choose to access it. That being said, do you think a Bank of Maharashtra mini-statement is actually helpful for customers? Let's take a quick look at their accompanying benefits to understand the same.

Benefits of Bank of Maharashtra mini statement

A Bank of Maharashtra mini statement comes with several advantages. Some of the most crucial ones are listed below:

  • Helps remain up to date about daily transactions
  • Can be accessed anytime and from anyplace
  • Eliminates the need to wait in queues to fetch bank statements
  • It can also be accessed with limited or zero internet connectivity

Now that we know the key benefits of the Bank of Maharashtra mini-statement let's check how to access them. Customers need to know their login credentials and designated Bank of Maharashtra mini statement number to access them in some ways. 
Notably, the designated number for the Bank of Maharashtra would differ from the Central Bank of India mini-statement number or any other bank. Hence, make sure to check them in advance to avoid confusion.

Easy ways to get a bank of Maharashtra mini statement

Bank of Maharashtra customers can access their mini statements both online and offline. Check the following to know the exact process:

Offline method
The offline method involves SMS banking and missed call banking.

Steps to get mini statement via missed  call banking 
Step 1: Dial Bank of Maharashtra mini statement missed call number: 1800-102-2636 or 1800-233-4526 
Step 2: Wait for the call to connect, ring twice, and disconnect

Once the steps are covered, an SMS with details of the last 5 transactions will be sent to the registered mobile number. 
Notably, like the Central Bank of India mini statement number, these numbers are also toll-free. This option is most convenient for those who are not tech-savvy or have no internet access.

Steps to get a mini statement via SMS banking

Step 1: Type LATRAN <account number> MPIN 
Step 2: Send it to 9223181818 
Once followed, details of the last five transactions will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number. 
Usually, these two offline methods are opted for by those customers who are not internet savvy or have limited access. 
However, missed calls and SMS need a registered number to help access the mini statement. To register, customers must go to their Bank of Maharashtra branch and fill out the registration form. Notably, the form must be attested by the customer before submission.

Online method

The online method comprises net banking and a mobile app.

1. Steps to get mini statement via Bank of Maharashtra internet banking

Step 1: Open  Maharashtra's MahaConnect Internet Banking Portal
Step 2: Enter login credentials to access account details
Step 3: Click on the login button
Step 4: Navigate to account summary to check the latest transactions

Those who do not have an active internet banking account must follow this process to get it up and running and access account details.

Step 1: Download the MahaConnect internet banking form
Step 2: Fill up the form and attest it
Step 3: Submit it at the base branch
Step 4: Post authentication, a user ID, login password, and PIN will be shared
Step 5: Enter login credentials to activate net banking

Once the internet banking account is activated, customers can check their account details.

Way to get Bank of Maharashtra mini statement via mobile banking

Follow this process to get your Bank of Maharashtra mini-statement:

Step 1: Download Maha mobile from the app store
Step 2: Launch the app and click on the 'New User Registration' option
Step 3: Enter customer ID 
Step 4: Complete the registration process
Step 5: Set your MPIN
Step 6: Navigate to mini statement section to view or download the latest mini statement

In case customers do not know their customer ID, they can contact Bank of Maharashtra customer care and avail it. They can dial the toll-free number 1800 233 4526 and get in touch with a customer care representative in no time who will guide them through the process.  

How to access the Bank of Maharashtra statement?

Customers can avail of their bank statement by enrolling for the e-statement service. That way, they will receive their monthly bank statement via email and track their account details seamlessly. They can also access account details on MahaConnect or visit their bank branch to request them. To get more details on accessing the Bank of Maharashtra mini statement or bank statement, get in touch with their customer service representative without delay.

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