A New Year means new job opportunities. No matter where you are in your career, you can use this time to make a change. Whether you’re in a small company or an established organisation, it pays to have the understanding of what it takes to be successful as an employee and achieve work/life balance. In this blog post I will share some strategies for successful hiring. In conjunction with these strategies, I will provide insight into how to set up a hiring process and how to manage these employees once they are on board.

Entrepreneurial approach to job creation :

This is the new norm in India today. Many small companies are creating jobs, as opposed to replacing them. The right skills make all the difference in a rapidly changing world where there is no back-up plan. Today's employees need businesses that can move forward and set goals for growth, even if the markets or economy are difficult or uncertain.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a process of identifying candidates, deciding who best fits your business’ needs and then actually hiring those individuals. Having a strong recruitment process is important to effective hiring, because if you don’t know what you are looking for in an employee, you can easily overlook the best candidate.

Recruiting mistakes:

When you have made a mistake in your initial hiring, don’t feel beat-up by it. Instead, take an honest look at what went wrong and dig in to correct the problem. People do not always get it right on their first try, but you can learn a great deal from the people that do. Successful businesses know how to hire new employees and keep them focused on the goals of their new positions by setting clear objectives and communicating their expectations effectively.

The Recruiting Process- The steps to take in a recruitment process are as follows:

1. Identify your need and establish objectives and criteria
2. Develop strategies to find candidates that fit these needs/objectives and criteria
3. Select the candidates from among those contacted who seem most capable of meeting your expectations  
4. Test the selected candidate's ability to perform the tasks or duties specified in his or her job description 
5. Review any unsuccessful candidates for possible reassignment 
6. Establish training plans for new hires 
7. Build employee's skills and abilities

How to Hire the "Best Fit."?

To determine who the best fit is, you must determine their skill set, experience level and ability to perform specific job duties. At times it is also helpful to have a benchmark or reference point as to what you need or wish to achieve. Keep in mind that if your company has a small payroll and if they are hiring only one new individual, they can afford to be choosy. However, when you have a large payroll and wish to grow the team or hire more people, you need to hire quickly.

How to determine the "best fit" is not easy. There are no exact formulas or quick techniques. In fact, it is probably just as difficult to learn how to spot the "best fit" when hiring a new employee as it was to spot the "best fit" for your first job.

The Tools of the Trade: How to Hire Right. There are many tools like online recruiting software that you can use to help you hire right including job descriptions, applications, reference checks and even personality tests. Using these tools effectively will give you a better idea of what you want in your new employees and how they will perform.

What makes a good candidate for employment?

Successful employees are self-starters with great work habits, ability and motivation. They have their own ideas about how things should be done and their own point of view about how things should be communicated. Most people who succeed in any kind of business will never be satisfied with their current situation. They always want more, even if they are highly successful. The employees with the greatest potential are those who are ambitious and eager to move up in their career regardless of the position they now hold.

In a recruitment process, it is important to make sure you hire someone who can handle the responsibilities of their position and that they are a good fit for your organisation (i.e., they have the necessary skills and experience). Once you have determined that a candidate has the right experience, get input from others including supervisors, peers, direct reports and/or customers.

Managing for Entrepreneurship

Why do businesses fail? According to one study, the number one reason is that businesses are not managed properly. In other words, business owners do not "manage" their companies well. As a result, even when business is good, businesses fail because they have no sound management systems in place to keep them on track. Management is like childbirth, there are a million ways to do it and everyone thinks theirs is the best way! While this statement may be overstated to some degree, it does make one important point: management is not an exact science and there are many ways to lead and manage a business successfully.

Two of the most important areas in which a business can be managed successfully are in staffing and training. These areas can be thought of as "human resources" and if managed properly, are to the success of any business. Many companies use to get a good staff.

The Interview Process.

How you conduct the interview or assessment of candidates is important to successful hiring. In fact, the interview is a very important screening tool that can help you evaluate the candidate’s qualifications, temperament and ability to perform their duties in a given job setting. Expectations are high in this day and age. People want quick results and they expect them now. The best way to deal with this issue is by setting clear objectives for every new employee right from the start. Make sure that new employees understand what your company expects of them as part of their overall job description in writing at the time of hire. If you are seeking to use recruitment software then, I will recommend you to use Mercer Mettl. It is one of the best recruitment management software which will help you to recruit the best staff for your company.

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