Technology is already part of our daily lives and its importance will grow more and more. That is why the relevance of technology-related professions is growing rapidly , and with it their demand and salary. Virtually any company has technological needs that someone must know how to solve. If you want to study technology or computer science or you are interested in the subject, in this article we will explain the 7 jobs related to technology and computer science that are currently in greatest demand and have good projections for the future.

The 7 Jobs related to technology most in demand and with the greatest future

1. Software Developer :

This work is based on programming . Its objective is to design and program the code of certain pieces of software that companies demand . When the company has a computer need, the software developer must take care of solving it. His job is also to maintain the programs he develops and ensure their efficiency.

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2. Web Developer :

This work related to technology and computing is a more specific variant of the previous one. A frontend, backend or fullstack web developer also needs programming knowledge, although focused on a very specific field: web design, database programming, or both. In addition, very creative profiles are needed, and in some cases, such as fullstacks, multidisciplinary profiles. Web developers tend to work for programming companies, or at big tech companies and startups. In this context, they must know how to program websites with different programming languages ​​(both HTML, CSS, PHP, etc…) and, in some cases, know how to maintain them.

3. Network Engineer :

Its function is based on the design, development and maintenance of different telecommunication systems . It is a role that can be applied both in the internal sphere of a company (generating internal communication channels) and in the field of mass communication (television, radio...). A network engineer needs to have computer and programming skills. In addition to being specialized in data traffic, which implies a very extensive study base.

4.Digital Project Manager :

The goal of a Digital Project Manager is to implement the digital projects of the companies they work for . This implies developing the entire process, from the creation of the business strategy, to its implementation and maintenance.  Like a network engineer, a Digital project manager needs a wide variety of knowledge related to programming, or digital marketing. In addition to this, it is a profile that assumes the risks of the projects it carries out, so it tends to be very well paid and requires some experience in the sector.

5. Technical Consultant :

This technological work has the peculiarity that it cannot be studied specifically for it. To be able to carry it out, it is essential to have a lot of experience in the technology and computing sector. This is because their objective is to contribute their experience to third parties that need and help when carrying out a project or business. Although it is a profile that can be specialized, a technical consultant should control all aspects related to the implementation of a technological project; it must be able to be incorporated in any of its stages and provide quality information.

6. Cybersecurity Specialist :

The role of a cybersecurity specialist is to protect the organizations they work for from possible cyberattacks . To do so, she is in charge of optimizing the protection of business data and looking for possible security gaps and designing mechanisms to close them.  It is one of the best paid technology-related profiles if you take into account the level of studies required. In order to be a security specialist, you only need to study computer science and programming, no additional degree is necessary and, despite this, they can charge the same as a network engineer. Even so, specialization in this field of computing is essential, in order to carry out the work correctly.

7. Data Analyst :

Also known as a Big Data analyst, their objective is to carry out an exhaustive analysis of data to facilitate decision-making within a company . In other words, you must analyze any data stream that is asked of you and have the ability to draw and communicate conclusions.  In this context, it is a profile that, in addition to knowledge of computer science and Big Data, needs a solid base of mathematical knowledge. You must also be able to create, manage and analyze databases, in order to draw statistical conclusions from them. 

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