Fulvic acid occurs naturally and has many health benefits. Fulvic acid along with humic acid, amino acid, electrolytes, and many other trace minerals helps cleanse the body of heavy metals, radiation, plastics, and petrochemicals. Fulvic acid when combined with these trace minerals known as Fulvic ionic minerals is known as a secret for longevity and optimal health.

Fulvic ionic minerals energize and balance a cell’s life and its biological properties after coming into contact with the cell. In our normal daily life, pollutants tend to enter our body thus disintegrating and killing the cells but fulvic ionic minerals help to restore its needed balance and improve its functioning. With time salt acids tend to cover the cell membranes and then humic acid plays its role in breaking down these salt acids. Then comes the fulvic acid, which can now easily carry the nutrients to our body cells and carry back toxins out of the cells and waste them.

Humic acid and fulvic acid in fulvic ionic minerals help cleanse the toxic chemicals and heavy metals from our bodies. Without their help, heavy metals and toxins will remain there in cell tissue causing degeneration and destruction. This ability of fulvic ionic minerals with many other qualities makes it the best health supplement and is not only good for humans but for pets too.

Properties of Fulvic Ionic Minerals

According to the latest research fulvic acid has a binding effect on graphene oxide making it the best choice to cleanse it from the body.

There are many natural health products available in the market but fulvic acid helps to alkaline the body much faster than any other supplement available.

Our body cannot produce humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids, or trace minerals that have many metabolic functions. When working together humic and fulvic acid clean the unwanted salt acid surrounding and hardening our cell walls thus creating a space to penetrate. After salts are removed fulvic acid helps our cells to absorb the nutrients and also acts as an antioxidant.

There are around 77 macro and trace minerals present in fulvic acid that help vitamins, herbs, and other superfoods to be absorbed and utilized by our body effectively. Fulvic acid feeds every malnourished cell in the body to increase its energy and give us a sense of healthy and active living.

Purest Source of Fulvic Acid

There are no two opinions about the purest and richest source of fulvic acid on earth. This source is in the forest region of the Southern United States with rich humic shale deposits. These deposits are free from heavy metals and came into being when the rainforest was pushed underground by a big glacier millions of years ago. This land has no human contamination and helps people around the world to get the guaranteed purest natural product.

Best Fulvic Acid & Ionic Minerals

The best fulvic acid and ionic minerals are the ones that go through a three-year extraction process for best results. This three-year process gives the most concentrated and purest fulvic acid bioavailable in the world. Moreover, no acids or chemicals must be used in the extraction process except for distilled water. The water-extracted supplement is the best and guarantees processing, ecological, and social standards. In this way the fulvic and humic acid obtained is the purest and the most concentrated which would benefit our body and improve our wellbeing.

In a nutshell, fulvic ionic minerals are considered to be a bridge that helps us to reach the ideal health and fitness.

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