Haymarket affair or Haymarket riot day May 4, 1886 | haymarket riot definition-

Haymarket affair or Haymarket riot
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The day of May 4, 1886 for Chicago was not less than that of a dark day, what happened that day was not less than a major massacre, you must have heard many things about this incident known as Haymarket affair or Haymarket riot But this is the true reality.

haymarket riot definition-

On Tuesday, some workers took out a rally in Haymarket Square in Chicago, which was a peaceful rally in response to the killing of workers in police proceedings a day earlier, but on seeing the peaceful rally, seeing the rally of a Marquet Riot, The person threw a dynamite bomb over the police, in which about seven police officers and at least four ordinary people would die. Mr. |

the haymarket square riot of 1886-

Giving the name of the Hearmark riot, the government resolved this phenomenon with great power, eight anarchists were punished for this reduction, in which seven anarchists were sentenced to death and one was given imprisonment for 15 years.
8 people were convicted in the haymarket riot, in which 7 were hanged and one was imprisoned for 15 years but two of these seven people were hanged and one had committed suicide before the hanging, in which the other four haymarket riot Criminals were hanged on November 11, 1887
Every year May 4 is considered as very important for workers in "Haymarket affair or Haymarket riot" 1886.
The incident of Haymarket riot of 1886 had a great effect on the thinking of the United States citizen. Many people believed that criminals were given the right punishment and many people considered them a martyr.

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