A violent and horrifying incident that shocked the Bronx community in February 2013 would forever alter the lives of those involved. A Bronx resident named Bahsid Mclean rose to fame after killing Tanya Byrd, his mother. After that the community was shocked by this horrific tragedy, which also made people worry about the perpetrator's motivations and mental health. So now we will see the difficulties a person faces in the case of mental health in the criminal justice system as we look into the matter of this disturbing case and the significance of pursuing justice while attending to the accused's mental health needs.

Chapter 1: Bahsid Mclean's Troubled Life

So firstly It's really important to look at Bahsid Mclean's upbringing and background in order to fully understand the conditions that led to the horrible crime he committed. In the Bronx, an area renowned for its high crime rates and social difficulties, Bahsid was born and reared. Bahsid experienced lots of challenges as a child in this type of chaotic environment, which influenced and led him to the way he saw the world now and also to his mental instability.

Chapter 2: Tanya Byrd's Tragic Death

Tanya Byrd, a devoted mother, lost her life in a horrific accident in February 2013. Her own son, Bahsid Mclean, committed her heinous slaying. Bashid is facing 25 years to life in prison for allegedly murdering his mother. Tanya Byrd, 52, fell victim to the heinous crime that occurred in February 2013. Bahsid was convicted in November 2016. If we look at the specifics of this crime, in which Bahsid used a power saw to cut his mother's body into pieces, is beyond distressing. There was an obvious reason for shock and horror across the town, and many people were left wondering what could have led a son to carry out such a heinous deed against his own mother. Over the years, the viral photo of Bahsid posing with his mom’s head by his side has surfaced on social media several times as users have urged one another to not circulate or view the image which can be extremely traumatic for some.

Chapter 3: The Conviction and Trial

The legal system started seeking justice once Tanya Byrd's fragmented body was discovered. Bahsid Mclean was detained and accused of killing his mother. According to BET, the convict reportedly explained the graphic details surrounding his mother’s murder in a video statement played at the court.
After that the trial that proceeded was difficult and emotional, with the defense claiming that Bahsid's mental state needed to be taken into account. Bahsid ended up being found guilty due to the defense's strong evidence that identified him as the only person responsible for this horrible act.
Bahsid said his friend identified as William Morris allegedly killed his mother in the Bronx apartment while he cut her body into several pieces using a power saw.
He allegedly felt “obligated” to dismember his mother’s body. “If you can kill somebody, you should be able to cut them up too,” McLean said on tape. “If you can’t do that if you don’t have the stomach to cut them up, then you’re a coward,” Bahsid said.

Chapter 4: The Criminal Justice System and Mental Health

The case of Bahsid Mclean was an extreme example of how difficult it was around mental health in the criminal court system. Son claimed he heard voices in his head
During the trial for his mother’s murder, Bahsid reportedly claimed he had voices in his head since he was a kid.
Bahsid's defense lawyer urged throughout the trial that the jury should consider his client's mental health problems since doing so would change the verdict. But then this big question arises on how the legal system handles these kinds of mental health issues and also whether changes are required to ensure that justice is achieved while paying attention to the accused's mental health needs.

Chapter 5: Community Impact

The Bronx community and beyond were affected by Tanya Byrd's murder and Bahsid Mclean's conviction. The community is still in the shock and pain of this act, and it shows the urgent need for assistance and recovery. The effects of a tragedy like this frequently reach friends, neighbors, and the entire community in addition to the immediate family.

Chapter 6: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

In the end, we can come to the conclusion that is very clear that there is a critical need for change when we consider the troubling case of Bahsid Mclean and the difficulties he has to face around mental health in the criminal court system. This case is a reminder of the value of early support and intervention for people dealing with mental health concerns. We all should learn from this incident how important it is for the legal system to take the accused's mental health into their accountability so that both justice and their basic mental health needs are met.

I personally felt after going through this whole case that it raises so many questions on judicial and the improvements that should be made for the mental health issues when it comes to the criminal court system. Now if we move forward, I think it is important to create a kind of system where system offers aid and rehabilitation for people who are going through some serious mental health issues. Only then we stop these kinds of horrifying incidents.


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