One of the best ways to make your engagement ring look attractive and unique is by choosing a unique ring design or style. From the diamond you choose for your engagement ring to the metal you pick for it, there are numerous things that define the overall beauty and cost of your engagement ring.

In terms of unique engagement ring styles, rings with emerald cut, oval shape, princess cut, and round cut diamonds are preferred the most. Choosing rings with these types of diamond cuts helps you make your ring look more expensive. Compared to other types of engagement rings, oval shaped engagement rings are known for their beautiful sparkle and elongated look. Due to their affordable rates and unique style, these rings have gained immense popularity in recent years.

Oval shaped engagement rings are loved by couples for their timeless beauty and unique appeal. These rings not only include a stunning oval-shaped diamond as their centerpiece but also display elegance and sophistication. Some of the main features of these rings that make them the perfect symbol of love are listed below.

Grace and Elegance:

Oval shaped engagement rings have a graceful and elongated shape. These rings create a sense of sophistication and elegance. The shape is known for its flattering appearance on the finger, as it elongates the hand and creates a slenderizing effect. These rings have an unbroken and continuous curve that not only makes them look beautiful but also represents the unending nature of love and the bond between a couple. 

As these rings do not include any sharp edges, their shape symbolizes the absence of challenges and obstacles in a loving relationship. This is also one of the major reasons that couples choose oval shaped rings as their wedding rings.

Illusion of Size:

One of the most unique features of oval shaped engagement rings is their ability to create the illusion of a larger diamond. The elongated shape makes the diamond appear larger than its actual carat weight. These engagement rings deliver an impressive visual impact. Due to the oval shape of the diamond, oval shaped engagement rings have a slender and feminine look. You can easily get an oval shaped custom ring to make your ring look bigger and more expensive.


Among the array of diamond shapes available, the oval shaped engagement ring stands out as a perfect symbol of eternal love. With their unique blend of elegance, romance, and versatility, oval shaped engagement rings define the true meaning of a lifelong commitment. 

While round brilliant diamonds remain the most popular choice for engagement rings, oval-shaped rings offer a distinctive alternative. They not only help couples stand out from the crowd but also enable them to express their individuality as well as their personal style.

Brilliance and Sparkle:

Oval shaped engagement rings are also admired for their exceptional brilliance and sparkle. No doubt, they are similar to round brilliant diamond rings, but the oval diamonds added to these rings are expertly cut to maximize light reflection and brilliance. 

The well-proportioned facets of the oval shape not only create a mesmerizing interplay of light but also result in a breathtaking display of sparkle and radiance. The elongated form of the oval diamond plays a major role in enhancing its brightness, as the length of the stone increases the spread of light and generates beautiful flashes of color.


Oval shaped engagement rings are incredibly versatile in terms of setting options. They can be beautifully showcased in various settings, including solitaire, halo, three-stone, or vintage-inspired designs. This versatility makes it easy for the couples to select a setting that perfectly complements their preferences. 

The elongated shape of the oval diamond lends itself to various creative settings and design options. This makes oval shaped engagement rings an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and personalized ring. In terms of ring customization, many couples choose oval shaped engagement rings over others so they can work with jewelers to create a beautiful design that matches their style and preferences perfectly.

Timeless Charm:


Oval shaped engagement rings possess a charm that is both timeless and unique. This sets them apart from traditional round or princess-cut diamonds. Oval shaped engagement rings also offer a touch of individuality and personal style while retaining classic elegance. 

Oval diamonds have gained popularity for their ability to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity in a single design. This makes them perfect for those who keep looking for modern and traditional engagement rings.

Suitable for Different Hand Shapes:

Oval shaped engagement rings are incredibly versatile and can beautifully complement a variety of hand shapes. Whether you have long and slender fingers or shorter and wider ones, the elongated shape of the oval diamond goes perfectly with different hand shapes and sizes. It provides a balanced and visually appealing appearance across a wide range of hand types.

Final Thoughts

Oval shaped engagement rings have a variety of unique qualities that make them a favored choice among couples. Their brilliant sparkle and versatile setting options contribute to their timeless and distinctive appeal. Oval shaped engagement rings are known for flattering the finger and suiting various hand shapes while also offering opportunities for customization. Overall, oval shaped engagement rings are an attractive and elegant choice for individuals seeking a beautiful symbol of their love and commitment.

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