Fragrances and scents play a very big part in determining how we feel and think. Our olfactory senses are just as powerful or even more powerful than other senses and that’s why your choice of perfume will affect your mood in more ways than you think. However, a lot of people don’t know how to select a good scent and for women this can greatly affect their self-esteem once they find out their perfume choice is not the best.  Women’s perfumes are different from men’s perfumes in that whereas men’s perfumes are designed for active people, women’s perfumes are on a wider range based on events, moods, weather and even the memories they are supposed to evoke.

Choosing A Perfume Based On The Mood

There are different scents to go with different moods and ‘feels’. If you are looking for something chilly, then you can consider citrus fragrance or any flowery scent. Cool scents have a refreshing feel, and they are great for outdoors and hot temperatures. However, some scents such as sandalwood or vanilla have a cool scent and these are ideal also for an active woman in need of a revitalizing scent. 

Warmer scents on the other hand tend to be more ‘homely’ and if you can imagine the scent of freshly baked goods, then that’s what a warm scented fragrance would feel like. Such scents are great for indoors and have a long lasting effect when applied just before bedtime. 

Should Women’s Perfumes Have Different Fragrances?

Certain complex or layered perfumes have different fragrances, and it is difficult to tell what the source scent is. These perfumes normally combine a deeper, warmer tone with another more active, stronger one. Layered perfumes last longer but are not ideal for every situation. If you don’t want a layered perfume, but still want a complex scent, then you can apply two or three different women perfumes in intervals and allow your skin to absorb the fragrance between each application. This is especially ideal for women who are active and travel a lot. 

Are Long Lasting Women’s Perfumes The Best?

Just because a fragrance is strong doesn’t mean it will last long. Long lasting women’s perfumes have a higher concentration of compounds such as labdanum which increases durability. However, if you are going for a long lasting perfume perhaps because you are travelling or intend on attending a long event, then consider a fragrance that is not too strong. You can combine different subtle fragrances for a 24-hour lasting effect. Perfumes for women are designed for several applications and therefore you should ensure the packaging indicates it has a long lasting effect for it to serve you.

Eau de parfum versus Parfum

For less discerning perfume buyers, the distinction between eau du parfum simple parfum can be unkown. Eau du parfum has a lower concentration of fragrances and therefore doesn’t last as long as parfum which has over 15% fragrance concentration. This makes eau du parfum perfect as a body splash since its effects will fade off after about 4-5 hours and therefore you can combine both the eau du parfume as well as a subtler but longer lasting parfume as your base note.


When choosing which perfume to apply, ensure you take your time to choose which notes to go with. Top notes don’t last long and therefore, you should go with a stronger top note, and as the day goes by the scents of the lower notes will take over. So choose your notes based on what you like and not necessarily on what you think others will like. 

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